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Video Marketing Expert

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Get Video Marketing Expert Services and TrainingWant to learn how to be a Video Marketing Expert yourself?

There are literally millions of video marketing training programs on the internet today. Some are very good, some are complete garbage!

How do you know which ones are the best? Proof – Proof – and more Proof. I’m promoting two of the very best I have found. (note: I am an affiliate for the links below, so I will receive a commission if you purchase through me, FYI)

Speedy Ranking SEO PackagesYou can Get Trained Here or go visit my Offline Resurrection (O.R.) page. Either one of these can produce the results you seek. I’m a bit partial though to O.R. because he has a “done for you” speed ranking process that will completely blow you away. He will rank “Your Clients” videos at the price You charge them. He does the work, you collect the cash.

AND…The keywords he ranks for are the MOST LUCRATIVE Lawyer and Attorney keywords around. These are HIGH DOLLAR keywords! Not an easy task as competition for these keywords are Extremely High!

Some of these “Lawyer” keywords are selling for HUNDREDS of dollars on the infamous Google Adwords PPC platform. Imagine paying $100.00 PER CLICK! Outrageous I know, But you and I know why too!


SO, now you will learn why Video Marketing is a powerful force to be reckoned with today. YouTube is the number two search engine in the world and Google owns it. A strategy that includes a Video Marketing campaign will radically change your business.

Video Marketing is a major driving force for smart business brands across the globe, and it is not slowing down with forecasts showing a ‘Massive Viewership Explosion’ on the Video Marketing horizon.

With a Video Marketing plan and Strategy for your local business in place, you will gain a competitive edge over your competition. So, here are some trending facts to wrap your mind around…

Video Marketing Trends from a Video Marketing Expert’s Perspective:

This needs repeating: A Video Marketing Expert is a powerful force to be reckoned with!


  1. Google owns YouTube, so they CONSITENTLY Rank Their Stuff FIRST! 😆
  2. This is A HUGE advantage to capitalize on now.
  3. Google is ‘Partial” to their own properties and consistently ‘Favor” YouTube videos, Google+ HOA’s and most importantly and NEW, YouTube LIVE – over it’s plain text counterparts.


  • Video has Consistently been More Engaging
  • Interaction with Video is Significantly Higher than text
  • Video Consumption is sky-rocketing across all devices and all demographics
  • Brands are ignoring video marketing as a central component of their online marketing efforts (Bad)!
  • That ignorance has left YouTube- Google platforms video marketing “WIDE OPEN” for smart Brands (Good)!
  • We watch 6 Billion hours of video on YouTube every month, a habit we picked up from watching TV. It’s contagious!
  • Google “I S” partial to YouTube – YouTube LIVE and Google+Hangout On Air, which are all connected as one now
  • Ranking YouTube Videos, Google+ Hangouts On Air and now YouTube LIVE, are far easier than ranking websites to date
  • Since it’s easier to rank Google platform-type videos, it’s far less expensive, an immensely increasing and compounding , month over month, ROI


Video Marketing ExpertsWe know what it takes to rank on page one of Google with YouTube videos. 

We can also guarantee to rank your video on Page 1 of Google for FREE! (some restrictions apply, call for details)

As a video marketing expert, we take the time to research and analyze the data we compile year after year on the Trending Video Marketing topics that affect all our campaigns and remain on the cutting edge of all developments.

Our expert video marketers take pride in the fact that we rank for the very words we promote on our site. We are a Video Marketing Expert and rank for those very terms in our local areas as proof that we mean business with the local business community.

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